Ortus 2013 January Update

Posted by Elvidian on 11th January, 2013

It’s been several months since our last update and we wanted to let you all know where we’re at and what our current plans are.

It’s been a tough few months. We initially made the kickstarter project a year ago to help us have the financial security to keep several people working full time until the game would be finished. Unfortunately, this being the most ambitious project we’ve done, that’s been a pretty hard deadline to estimate (RPG’s tend to be big, and the last 10% of a game tends to take 90% of the work). Even the 20k we raised could only go so far – and trust me, we stretched it as far as it would go (and beyond). Since our last update we planned to continue to work (without any income) until we could reach our alpha goal , but with the financial demands that come with living in a grow-up people’s world with bills and rent and food costs, along with personal difficulties that resulted in us losing our writer on the project, we’d pushed ourselves too far and reality made us step back. We couldn’t continue the way we had for so long. We retreated temporarily, not to wimp out, but to regroup and strategize a more realistic approach.

We tell you this not to make excuses, but because we have an obligation to keep you all informed, and to reinforce our dedication to the completion of the project in the plans we have to get back on track.

In the next couple of months we’ll be making much smaller games for sponsorship, and raise as much money as fast as possible. We’ve already finished one (you can see a preview pic here) and are well into starting our second. Our plan is to work within a budget structured entirely to allowing us secure working time on Ortus.

Between every game or two (each taking 3-4 weeks to make), we plan on hitting Ortus. HARDs. We feel as a group that we cannot progress or expand, until we finish Ortus and make it as great for you as we can. Rest assured, the kickstarter has done a lot to help our progress, and we’re not some faraway dream from finishing. The game is playable, fully interactive, all the kickstarter NPC’s are written and half of them implemented and their areas and unique building fully modeled and in game. Right now, we’re just pacing ourselves so that living in the real world and paying our bills can be done more realistically, and that means putting our fingers in a few pies.

We want to reinforce that finishing Ortus is our TOP priority, and to do that, we need to survive.

Thanks for your patience with us. We refuse to be anything but optimistic, and have had so much support and enthusiasm shown to us that we owe it not only to ourselves, but you awesome people, to finish this game!

Until then, we’ll make sure to keep updates of progress on our mini-games on our Elvidian Facebook page, and we’ll be inform you all, of every time we can smash out our work on Ortus, where we’ll keep you in-the-know of our goals, successes and struggles with the project. Every time we get to work on it, we’ll make sure to share whatever we can to keep you excited about the project with us!

Sincerely, the Elvidian Team